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Welcome to the World's First Underwater Sculpture Park
The Underwater Sculpture Park is located just outside St Georges in the Molinere Beausejour Marine Protected Are and was created by Jason de Caires Taylor, an English artist, Sculptor and avid diver.

Molinere bay was originally damaged by storm surge and the sculptures were designed to assist in the regeneration of the area by providing habitat for marine animals to live and by providing new surfaces for corals to grow upon. The park has played an important role in regenerating this area and has given it a new dimension.

The sculptures are now about 4 years old and are flourishing or not as the case may be depending on the materials they are made from and their location within the park.

Grenada Seafaris are proud to be part of Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management, Inc. a small non-profit organisation dedicated to the maintenance and development of the park. Howard is the current Chairman and has developed an ambitious project to develop the park with new pieces and to maintain and repair current statues.

The first new sculpture from this plan was placed in February 2010 and each year a new piece has been added to ensure the park remains one of the places people absolutely must see when visiting Grenada. If you would like to know more about the project or have any questions about the park itself do please contact us.

In 2010 Grenada Seafaris Powerboat Adventure were one of the first companies to support the development of the Sculpture Park by sponsoring a series of 14 sculptures in all, based on Amerindian art, culture and spiritual worshi. Created by local craftsman Troy Lewis, the sculptures are influenced by the form of the intricate Petroglyphs and ceremonial carvings made by the early Amerindian tribes, some of which may still be discovered in the Duquesne and Pearls regions of Grenada.

Created predominantly from reinforced concrete, one of the largest pieces takes the form of a Zemi (a stone-carved idol believed to have supernatural power) and measures some three feet in height. Like many of the existing sculptures in the Underwater Sculpture Park, it is anticipated that this new installation will act as an artificial reef. The sculptures provide an ideal environment for colonisation by colorful algae and corals creating 'Art by Nature'. Located in clear and shallow water, the installation should be easily enjoyed both from the surface, by snorkelers and underwater by scuba divers.
Zemi with Seafaris owner Howard Clarke and Artist, Troy Lewis
Mermaid by Artist, Troy Lewis and sponsored by Seafaris
In 2011, as part of the regeneration project and to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the sinking of the Bianca C, a replica of the sculpture on the Carenage known as "Christ of the deep" was commissioned by the Grenada Board of Tourism. This new statue was placed in the Underwater Park in November 2011 and is in tribute to the hospitality, selflessness and 'Spice Isle' spirit shown by the Grenadian people in the rescue of over 600 passengers and crew of the Bianca C.

"It is a fantastic addition to the park," said Howard Clarke, Chairman of GUSMI, "and we are extremely grateful to the Grenada Board of Tourism for their enthusiastic support and endorsement of the regeneration project. As the statue leans back and looks up to the surface of the water with arms outstretched it is a wonderful new piece of living art for both our diving and snorkeling visitors."
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The statue was created by local Artist Troy Lewis in conjunction with the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management, Inc and was constructed using photographs and measurements taken from the original and then formed by hand using concrete and stainless steel reinforcing.